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Trashed Carpet in Rental Property in Madison, AL

Trashed Carpet in Rental Property in Madison, AL

A rental property owner contacted Kleaneasy Carpet Cleaning and asked if we thoroughly cleaned carpets in trashed rental properties. His question caused me to chuckle because I had never heard it put quite that was before. I asked him to send me a picture so I could see what he meant by "trashed."

This property owner was in a bit of a bind because he needed to get the house rented quickly but had no idea the carpets were as dirty as they actually were. After viewing the pictures I assured him that with our deep cleaning Rotovac system we could get the carpets clean.

The house had 5 rooms and a set of stairs and all areas were literally "trashed" as the owner had said. It took us about 2 hours but the carpets looked virtually new when we finished.

Needless to say the property owner was ecstatic!

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Budget: $200

Location: Madison, AL

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Rotovac DHX

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